Saturday, July 7, 2012

Culture: "Bring Rock Back" Festival, East River Park Amphitheater, New York City

Don´t believe the radio stations. Rock still lives. Instead of the continuous pop & techno drizzling there is still plenty of supply & demand of and for rough and handmade rock music.

The mini-festival "Bring Rock Back" last Saturday at East River Park Amphitheater, which is located on the Lower East Side New York City, was a reminder. The free of charge concert lasted from 3pm to 8pm and had 6 local bands.

One of  my favorites was "The Band Droidz", an African-American ensemble. Their dynamic pieces showed influences of the pulsating soul music of the 60s and also from Reggae ( The raspy voice of Monk, the lead singer, gave their songs an unique power, augmented by the bass player and the percussionist.

Even more power came from "Full Molder", who delivered fast play with blurred guitars ( Beheaded heads of some dolls on the stage gave their hard-core show a special note.

 "Panzie", who followed "Molder", seemed to accelerate the speed of the concert. The band served a powerful gig with rough riffs and an appealing show (

The other bands - "Out of Order", "Gunman Vodoo", "Bodyface" and "The Blackfires"- also delivered solid rock and a strong show.

As typical for New York City events not many spectators attended this concert, maybe heat and high humidity kept people away. There also was not much advertisement for the event, therefore many would be attendees didn`t know of it.  Anyway it was a lot of fun to watch the bands. Some visitors used the stages of the amphitheater for doing acrobatic somersaults. Others danced before the stage. I certainly hope that the festival will be repeated next year.

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