Monday, July 2, 2012

Culture: The Young, Mercury Lounge, New York City

Strong rock concerts are for the heart, the body and the soul. The performance of "The Young" proved this again. Last week the group from Austin, Texas, had an awesome gig at Mercury Lounge, a rock venue on New York City´s trendy Lower East Side (

Bandleader Hans Zimmerman (vocals, guitar) created together with his two attendant guitarists and the percussionist a psychedelic atmosphere with heavy metal influences. Their powerful and mostly slow songs, amplified by guitars, which were often blurred and enhanced with echo effects, sucked the audience into their vortex (theyoungblog). 

The stage was lit from behind and the band members appeared as kinds of shades which gave the impression of a group of magicians celebrating a dark ritual. Wow.

If I get the chance to see "The Young" again I certainly will.

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