Saturday, August 25, 2012

Culture: Birth Of A Skyscraper

There is always something going on on the streets of Manhattan. Like any metropolis, New York City is continuously changing her face. The city may not grow as fast as Shanghai and Dubai but she doesn´t sleep either, not at all.

Recently, while walking in the Financial District in South Manhattan, I spotted the birth of a skyscraper, kind of. There was a collection of huge machines on the street. Engineers and machinists were working to get the machines ready and to erect the huge cranes and other devices which are needed to build the tower.

The place had some beauty, like a collection of modern art. There was a mix of strong macho looking devices like the chunky towing vehicles and the filigree structures of crane towers. Some of the machines were even painted like fanciful toys. 

Being a German I also appreciate that at least one of the machines comes from Demag Cranes AG. This is a German heavy equipment manufacturer now controlled by US based Terex (wikipedia). I looks like that this birthplace is another sign of the globalization.

Soon I will be back in New York City. I intend to visit this place again. Maybe there is more to report then.

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