Monday, August 13, 2012

Lifestyle: Summer In The City

Oh, what a pleasure -  it´s summer! I prefer this season to other seasons - definitely. Partly because of the light. It looks like that human beings are phototrope organisms, they respond positively to sunlight. The summerly deluge of sunlight is kickstarting my mornings and keeps me going over the day. 

The nature may look more beautiful in spring and in fall because of blooming flowers and colorful trees, but cities show themselves from their best sides in summer time. I indulge walking the summerly streets, places and parks of a city, especially a metropolis like New York City.  It seems everything shows itself in a better light.

Many restaurants, cafes and bars serve outside. Dining and drinking in gardens and on patios is a part of lifestyle. Many use these occasions to flee the somewhat claustrophobic rooms.

Maybe the best part of summer is the response of the girls. It seems the hotter it gets, the more generously they display their beauty.


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