Thursday, September 13, 2012

Culture: "Burning Bronzes" At Angel Orensanz Center, Lower East Side, New York City

New York is full of wonders. One of them is the Orensanz Center  on the Lower East Side of New York  (

It is housed in a Gothic Revival synagogue, built in 1849 for Congregation Ansche Chesed (wikipedia). This astonishing place is owned by the Spanish artist Angel Orensanz.

Yesterday I was there to attend the opening for an exhibition of Orensanz`s sculptures called "Burning Bronzes" (running until October 25th). Entering the former synagogue I was wowed by the sheer beauty of this building (pictures were taken with an iPhone 4). It is a gorgeous place which invites to meditate. But the place also could be booked for events to finance the non-profit organization. 

The gallery in the upper floor of the former synagogue, where the exhibition was happening,  displayed the artist’s sculpture works in bronze, as well as many of his paintings and drawings.

I perceived the combination of different exquisite forms of art as perfectly harmonious and fitting to the awesome place.  An installation at the end of one of the rooms was the icing of the cake.  

I also have to thank the host for his generosity. The wine he served during the reception was quite fine. Sometimes I want to come back to this place, maybe at one of the frequent public events there.

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