Thursday, September 6, 2012

New York City: Fall Fashion Week 2012 - The Different Flavors Of God Herself

The streets of New York City are full of beautiful women. These days you can see even more beauties than usual - it must be Fashion Week again.

Right. Today started the Fall Fashion Week sponsored by Mercedes Benz which shows the spring collection for 2013 (through September 13  mbfashionweek). I used this event and was hanging around the Lincoln Center - a huge place before the Metropolitan Opera - where the sponsor has his tent which is the center of the glamorous event.

It seems that the Fashion Week is one of the occasions where stalking is not just allowed, it may be even welcome. Models are used to be spotted and the billion dollar fashion business needs the eye of the public. A lot of photographers were there, maybe bloggers like me. Some of them looked as interesting as the models themselves.

Many of the models were quite gorgeous. It seems that some goddesses emerged at the Lincoln Center to please us with their appearance. These beauties appeared in a variety of incarnations.
You could spot  




Besides the establishment also interesting  newcomers - fledging models - appeared.

As in the world of birds the males were sometimes more flamboyant than the females.

I am looking forward to the next days and intend to go back to this place. 

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