Sunday, December 23, 2012

Movies: Anna Karenina

Keira Knightley is one of the brightest stars in Hollywood`s canopy. No wonder that Tinseltown produced their latest adaption of Leo Tolstoy`s celebrated novel "Anna Karenina" (imdb) around the British actress. Keira follows a long line of Hollywood icons, including Greta Garbo, who all played the name giving troubled woman - a member of the decadent circle of Russian aristocrats in the late 19th century -  who abandons husband and son because she fell in love to a young and shiny officer.

Keira`s light puts the other actors into a shadow, even Jude Law who did a passable job as Anna´s suffering husband. Anyway, the movie is a feast for the eyes, even it is set like a stage play. Director Joe Wright and his cinematographer Seamus McGarvey keep the camera most time on Keira´s stunning beauty. But even her surrounding is a pleasure to watch. Congratulations to production design, art direction, set decoration & costume design. "Anna" displays a lot of awesome tableaus, elaborate dancing scenes and funny picture ideas with a a surrealistic touch. The costume drama which is set into the icy Russian winter works well as holiday entertainment.

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