Thursday, December 20, 2012

Movies: Skyfall

50 years are a long time, especially for a movie franchise. I remember the year 1962 when my father took me with him to see "Dr. No", the birth of the James Bond series. Many things have changed since then. But "Skyfall", the newest incarnation of the James Bond saga, is still a lot of fun (

Even if "Skyfall" doesn`t match "Casino Royal", which is one of the best James Bond flicks (my favorite its still "Goldfinger"), the flick can easily compete with other action movies like "Mission Impossible" and "Bourne".

"Skyfall" benefits a lot from Daniel Craig. I reckon that the tough, cool and elegant British actor is the second best Bond, close behind Sean Connery. This time the bond girls aren´t as remarkable as Eva Green ("Casino Royal") or Ursula Andress ("Dr. No") but they are still a pleasure to watch. My favorite participant is Javier Bardem who acts as the villain and nemesis of Bond. The Spaniard`s slow and controlled acting and speaking manners, known from "No Country for Old Men", underline the weirdness of his character, which is always an asset of the franchise. But my favorite Bond villain stays Gerd Fröbe who played the majestic Auric Goldfinger.

As usual Roger Deakins`cinematography shows a lot of interesting locations. I especially liked a casino in Macao and an old house on the Scottish highlands. "Skyfall" proves that action cinema is still worth the money these days.

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