Sunday, January 6, 2013

Culture: Poetry Reading By Riverside Poets At NYPL Riverside Branch, Manhattan, New York City

Relationships alter your horizons. For almost 3 years I have been seeing a beautiful New York woman whom I married this New Year´s Eve. She opened my eyes to the world of poetry.

This Saturday I attended a poetry reading by the Riverside Poets at the NYPL Riverside Branch in Manhattan, New York City, which she is administering. It took place in a small library on Amsterdam Avenue. There gathered a group of New York poets.

Among others reading were my wife Sarah Ellen Bedell, who is administering the Riverside Poets group, DeeAnne Gorman, who also is a beloved vocalist and performer (facebook), Peggy Murphy and David Elsasser, who has poetry group of his own.

A enjoyed the variety of poems  - around 40 writings including some short haikus - the attendees read there. Every reader presented his or her own universe, hence the afternoon was full of surprises. Many of the poems were philosophical and full of interesting ideas. Some texts were funny, others sad.

Here is one example, courtesy of Sarah, my beautiful wife. Enjoy.

You sit there in my home,
wondering if I have poem –
But I’m at the office,
shouldn’t that suffice?
I’ve got notes on some old beaus,
who left me mostly in throes
 - of rejection,
I could write of those -
You silly slave driver of affection!
BTW - What would you do?
If the same happened to you?
But there is no problem G.
I am smitten as smitten can be.

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