Sunday, February 24, 2013

Movies: Academy Award Nominated Animated Short Films 2013

There is a universe where everything is possible, where no physical rules exists. This universe is called "animated short films". One day before the Oscar ceremony I watched the Academy Award nominated animated short films 2013 at New York´s IFC cinema theater (ifccenter). This year`s harvest (available on iTunes) wasn´t quite as good as least year´s but it was enjoyable anyway.

"Maggie Simpson in the ´Longest Day Care`" (USA 5 minutes) was an episodes from the TV series "The Simpsons". Funny & hilarious.

"Adam and Dog" (USA 16 minutes) tells the Adam & Eve story from the point of view of a dog. The animators created an amazing "Garden of Eden", a gorgeous tropical landscape populated with huge plants and impressive animals. Where can I book a flight to there?

"Fresh Guacamole" (USA 2 minutes) showed the preparation of the avocado-based sauce Guacamole that originated with the Aztecs in Mexico. The flick was shot in real, but replaced the original ingredients by surprising items. The best idea of this collection.

"Head over Heels" (UK 10 minutes) told the story of a couple with a complicated life. One lived on the ground of the house, the other reciprocally on the ceiling of the same room where 2 contrarian gravity's ruled. The best story.

"Paperman" (USA 7 minutes) was about an office clerk who tried to find again a chance acquaintanceship in a stylized New York. The flick was charming and romantic, but at the end a bit kitschy as usual for Disney productions.

Because the running time of the animated flicks was so short the IFC showed some additional movies:

"The Grufallo´s Child" (Germany/UK 27 minutes) is based on a popular children`s book published in 1999 (wikipedia). The child of a fantasy creature, called Grufallo, goes into the forbidden deep forest to find a frightening "Big Bad Mouse".

"Dripped" (France 9 minutes) was about a thief and integrated  surrealistic paintings playfully into the story.

"Abiogenesis" (New Zealand 5 minutes) was a Science Fiction movie which illustrated the thesis that life on earth was originally seeded from another world.

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