Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Movies: Side Effects

Deception, cheating, swindling, fakery: These are all part of the human psychology and they often make good stories. Hollywood has a tradition of psychological thrillers founded by Alfred Hitchcock. It seems that Steven Soderbergh learned a lot from the master. His movie "Side Effects"  (imdb), which started last week in the US cinemas, reminds me a little bit of Hitchcock`s "Spellbound". Soderbergh and his screenwriter Scott Z. Burns tell the story of young married woman who got a new experimental pill subscribed in order to deal with her depression. This experimental medicine causes unintended and dramatic side effects. 

The story was ok for me (this blog doesn`t have spoilers) but what really caught me was Rooney Mara´s performance as the leading character. The rising Hollywood star impressed me with her intensity. I was especially fascinated by her powerful eyes. Her gaze displayed the feelings of her character very demonstratively.  And Mara is not just a highly talented actress, she also is part of a group of Hollywood beauties who isn´t afraid of some sex scenes and of showing a bit nudity if it fits into the plot. Mara´s liberality and her willingness to share her beauty with the audience gives the film a certain erotic quality.

Catherine Zeta-Jones as psychiatrist added to the erotic quality of the movie and Jude Law as an analytical and cool shrink gave the movie a somewhat rational touch.

As in most Hollywood productions the cinematography  (Peter Andrews) was a pleasure. "Side Effects" also delivered lot of Manhattan shots for New York Lovers. If you like tricky psychology thrillers and don´t expect too much you could have 106 entertaining minutes.

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