Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Culture: Russian Circles At Saint Vitus Bar, Brooklyn, New York City

Last Monday was my lucky day. I watched a concert of "Russian Circles" at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York City. I  had previously seen this heavy metal group from Chicago in March (russiancirclesband). But that show was in the huge Radio City Hall in Manhattan. That performance was just a warmup for the top gig "Coheed & Cambria" lasted around just 20 minutes and I had a seat far away from the stage. The performance this Monday lasted longer than 1 hour and the rock venue in a remote industrial area of Brooklyn offered a much closer and more intense experience (saintvitusbar).

The instrumental band reminds me a bit of the Scottish band "Mogwai" (mogwai). "Russian Circles" is very efficient. They consist just  of 2 guitarists and 1 drummer. But they create massive walls of sound. Sometimes their music was as heavy as a neutron star.

Their complex pieces started slow & atmospheric and exploded then into powerful gravitational waves. The energetic drummer shaped the - often blurred - guitar sound into a forceful structure. You can already find the complete concert on YouTube (youtube).
The sheer physical power of the concert created an intense mental impact and worked as a kind of perfect meditation exercise for me. Thanks a lot "Russian Circles".

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