Saturday, April 27, 2013

Movies: Disconnect

Surfing the Internet is fun and you could learn a lot. But you should be careful, otherwise you could get deep into trouble thanks to identity thefts, pornography with minors, online gambling, misused chatrooms and more issues.

The movie "Disconnect" deals with these topics (imdb). Director Henry Alex Rubin and script writer Andrew Stern tell 3 separate stories which run parallel. Each plot shows an Internet related incident that leads to a dramatic development.

"Disconnect" is well made. The stories, entangled through smart editing, are believable and they are enthralling implemented. The cast, including Hope Davis and Jason Bateman, and the solid cinematography are part of the movie´s strengths. 

"Disconnect" deserves a large audience because the film delivers not just solid entertainment. The movie also makes us more aware to handle the World Wide Web with care. 

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