Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Movies: Ginger & Rosa

London 1962 was an exciting place. The Rolling Stones started their career at the Marquee Club and the Beatles released their hit single "Love me do". It was the dawn of "Swinging London" when the British metropolis rose to the world capital of fashion, rock music and other forms of pop culture. Hence I had high expectations for the movie "Ginger & Rosa" that shows an episode in the lives of 2 teenage girls who grow up in the British capital in the year 1962 (imdb.com).

The flick was a disappointment. There was no  rock music, director Sally Potter wasn´t interested in the cultural revolution at all. Instead the movie focused on the Cuba Crisis, when the thread of Russian nukes on the Caribbean island caused fears of a nuclear WW III. Potter showed hysterical responses to the cold-war conflict and combined this with a stereotyped tearful family drama.

London 1962 would have deserved a better movie than this clich├ęd flick.

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