Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Movies: Simon Killer

It seems that many movie makers are obsessed with mentally disturbed people, at least there are so many films about this topic. It could be a fascinating study if the flick is made by a master like Roman Polanski`s "Repulsion" (imdb). Other movies of this kind are just tedious to watch. Unfortunately belongs the film "Simon Killer" (imdb) into the second category.

The flick shows a young American, named Simon, who is visiting Paris. The character is a highly unlikable person. Simon is a pathetic and notorious liar and seems to need someone who blows his nose all the time. But, for some reasons he gets his way with women whom he tries to exploit. The film lets the audience watch how Simon´s mental problems get worse which is challenging.

Fortunately the movie has some positive aspects which could conform a bit: The cuteness of the girls which is liberally displayed in the frequent sex scenes, a passable cinematography and a strong soundtrack. Nevertheless, I guess "Simon Killer" will be forgotten soon. 

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