Monday, April 15, 2013

Movies: Trance

Europe may be in an economic mess, but the "old continent" produces still powerful movies. "Trance" by Danny Boyle is a proof for this (imdb). The eclectic British film director, who has a reputation for challenging movies since "Train Spotting", delivered again a film which could stir and provoke you.

As usualI I won´t give the plot away  - this is a non-spoiler blog. There is a hunt for a stolen and lost painting: Goya´s "Witches in the air". The quest brings to light repressed memories and leads to hidden layers which get successively revealed.

"Trance" is a roller coaster for the eyes with a lot of sex & violence. The cinematography shows what a modern camera technique (including digital postproduction) is capable to. Cinematographer Anthony Dod Mantle takes you on a psychedelic trip and creates a furious dance of pictures which could make you drunk. Together with the slick editing and the hypnotic soundtrack generates the film a intoxicating experience.

American actress Rosario Dawson, who plays a hypnotherapist, shows that she could rise to a new goddess of Hollywood. Her character merges a sharp intellect with exquisite beauty which Dawson shows generously. The brilliant French actor Vincent Cassel as a sophisticated villain underlines once again why he belongs to Europe´s finest. Scottisch actor James McAvoy complements the American-European triangle perfectly.

"Trance" shows that you still could count on Europe - at least in the cinema business.

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