Friday, May 24, 2013

Globalization: Why Are Germans So Popular?

Germany is the most popular country in the world. This is a result of the new Country Ratings Poll for the BBC ( The authors believe that Germany´s image benefits from its role in global trade and the strength of the German economy. Maybe so.

But I believe there is another reason: The German tourists. They are ubiquitous. Germans like to travel, but their home country is small. Therefore they travel abroad, all-over Europe, Asia, Africa and - of course - to America.

The average German tourist is friendly, curious, communicative and willing to adapt to foreign cultures - at least a bit. And German tourists are fluent in English. The German school system attaches great importance to transmit the language of the world.

This makes German tourists to a kind of ambassadors for their country. People everywhere in the world meet Germans and get an impression of modern Germany. This impression seems to be not too bad as the BBC poll shows.

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