Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Movies: Kiss Of The Damned

I love vampire movies. The genre is about living forever, having strange powers, being not able to see the sun. The best films of the genre are stylish exercises about eternal desire, passion, thrill & gore. They are pure fun.

The movie "Kiss of the Damned" has all of this (imdb). Director & writer Xan Cassavetes delivered a masterpiece of the genre. Her vampires hunt in the New York City of today. The community of practically immortals (no sunlight permitted) used many centuries to accumulate wealth, knowledge, taste & culture without loosing their sexual appetite - quite contrary. They are beautiful, decadent, snobby - and still very thirsty.

The movie (no spoilers) lets the audience participate in their parties, where the very special community discusses their Weltanschaung (world view) and politics, and focuses on two sisters who´s different philosophies leads to hazardous conflicts.

The highly erotical style of "Kiss.." shows that the movie is made with the taste of a woman. The fun is amplified by superb cinematography which captures the sinister but alluring ambience with intoxicating pictures and a congenial soundtrack.

Jos├ęphine de La Baume and Roxane Mesquida are gorgeous vampires and demonstrate why this genre is loved by so many cineasts.

"Kiss of the Damned", which is already available on Amazon Instant Video (amazon.com), will be part of the canon of the genre. I hope I will see more works form Xan Cassavetes in the future.

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