Sunday, May 19, 2013

New York City: Street Art - The Centre-Fuge Public Art Project

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York city is a mecca for street art. You can spot a lot of murals, graffiti and cut outs, especially on the Lower East Side, in the East Village and Soho.

One of the most important contributors to New York`s street art scene is the Centre-fuge Public Art Project, a non-profit organization (centre-fuge   indiegogo). Behind the name is a group of street artists including the famous Adam Cost (villagevoice). You can find their work at First Street East which goes east-west between Bowery and First Avenue along Houston Street East (between the East Village and Lower East Side).

The center of their work is a trailer on First Street East - a satellite office for Second Avenue Subway workers (boweryboogie). The murals appear in cycles which change after a few months, giving place to new pantings (or spray works).

According to their website, each cycle has a different group of contributors. Hence in the course of the recent 2 years a lot of artists expressed themselves in this project.

I admire the variety of their work and the diversity of their ideas. Their murals are fun and give the audience something to think about. And they transform the area into an outdoor gallery. New York City is a bit nicer and more interesting because of them. Thank´s a lot Centre-fuge. There is much more on their Tumblr (centre-fuge) and Facebook (facebook) pages where you also can find the artist´s bios (centre-fuge). 

According to the Blog Bowery Boogie, Centre-fuge recently had a crowd funding campaign helping to expand the program by “acquiring more rotating mural locations as well as facilitating murals for individuals and businesses" (boweryboogie ). They also cooperated with the New Museum on the Bowery in New York, as part of the Ideas-City Festival.

Centre-fuge now presents their "Cycle 8" on different spots on First Street East. I plan to report about that soon.

To be continued.

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