Friday, May 3, 2013

New York City: Street Art - New Murals On The Bowery

It seems New York City is a huge museum for street art. Especially in the southern parts of Manhattan - Soho, the East Village & Lower East Side - where you can find hundreds of murals and lots of interesting graffiti.

The Bowery, a tradition-rich traffic artery which runs north-south from the East Village to China Town, now has a temporary public art exhibition called "After Hours 2" ( The show displays murals sprayed on the gates of shops on the Bowery. The show is part of the "Ideas City" festival that is organized by the New Museum on the Bowery (newmuseum).

The Art Production Fund, a nonprofit organization, in cooperation with the New Museum assigned several artists to put their work on the gates, that secure the shops when they are closed. They promise that this exhibition should "remain on view throughout the summer".

You can find there the work of a lot of artists who express different styles and ideas (

I used the morning hours when the shops were still closed and made the pictures in the bright sunlight.


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