Sunday, July 21, 2013

Economy: Boycotting Florida? The Stupidest Idea Of The Year

(Drivebycuriosity) - When I am surfing the Internet I usual find a lot of stupid ideas. Last week I detected something which seems to me  the stupidest idea of the year. 

It comes from a Rev. Jesse Jackson (westernjournalism). This man babbles that he is considering launching an economic boycott on the entire state of Florida as a response to the Zimmerman case ( If he would find follower this could translate into a demand drop for Florida products & services like orange juice, beach resorts, hotels, restaurants and entertainment parks.

Being an economist I am against all boycotts. I consider all kinds of boycotts as irresponsible at least.

1. The Zimmerman verdict was not issued by the state of Florida, neither by its citizens. It was a decision by a court which is independent by the Constitution! Why punish the people of Florida?

2. A boycott which translate into less buyers for Florida products and less visitors there would punish people in agriculture and the service sector, including taxi drivers, harvest hands, waiters, maids, chefs and many more. Those people, who are often employed in low income groups, would earn less and could even lose their jobs.

3. The economic damage done in Florida would certainly hurt the economy of the rest of the U.S. because all states and their economies are connected like parts of a human body.

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