Sunday, July 28, 2013

Movies: Grabbers

(Drivebycuriosity) - How to fight an invasion by vicious aliens?  Hollywood has demonstrated diverse strategies against alien invasions, for instance in the movie "Mars Attacks" (imdb). The film "Grabbers" shows a very special Irish version of the struggle between humans and alien monsters (imdb). Vicious and creepy beasters from outer space invade a remote Irish island.

The Irish horror-comedy describes the fight against the aliens as a kind of great Irish party. The film is full of funny hilarious ideas and combines the usual alien-horror topics with traditional Irish clichés. It is roller coaster of ludicrous and not too shy of gory elements.

"Grabbers" is also a homage to horror classics like "The Blob", "Alien" and "Gremlins". The special effects are impressively realistic even though the movie was shot on a low budget. It seems that the technological progress which leads to falling costs for special effects opens a new world for independent movie makers.

The cast seemed to have a lot of fun during shooting the horror-comedy flick.  "Grabbers" is the perfect summer movie and an advertisement to visit the "Green Island" sometimes to party with their residents, alien attack or not.

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