Sunday, July 14, 2013

Movies: The Look Of Love

(Drivebycuriosity) - Paul Raymond had a convincing business model: "Men like to look at beautiful girls and they like it especially when the beauties get undressed". In the second half of the last century the British entrepreneur build an empire on his motto, centered around strip clubs and soft-porn magazines. The movie "The Look of Love" describes the sparkling career of the un-official "King of Soho" who became the richest man England`s of his time (imdb).

The biopic shows a man of taste and wealth and focuses on Raymond´s relationship with women: Wive, girlfriends & daughter. Director Michael Winterbottom and scriptwriter Matt Greenhalgh delivered an entertaining study about an egotistical person who pursues his libertarian and hedonistic weltanschauung with little empathy for the need of others.

British actor Steve Coogan gave Raymond a face which was likable instead of his weaknesses and his boundless lust for live. Imogen Poots, Anna Friel and the gorgeous Tamsin Egerton fascinated as his persons of interest.

Winterbottom is one of the directors who aren´t scared by female nudity. There can bee seen lot´s of amazing naked women which is appropriate for this issue. The sex is tasteful photographed and not as explicit as in Winterbottom´s  "9 Songs". Cinematographer Hubert Taczanowski  and editor Mags Arnold fabricated an amusing kaleidoscope of  "Swinging London" and the British capital´s further cultural advance.

"The Look Of Love" is a little treasure and high recommended for adults who want something cinematic beyond the usual summer blockbusters.

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