Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Culture: Banksy - How Mediocre Is New York´s Street Art?

(Drivebycuriosity) - Recently there is a lot of ado around Banksy (theatlantic). This month the famous British street artist has been working on New York`s streets and places. Almost every day something from Banksy appeared in one of New York's five boroughs causing a lot of attention in the media.

This morning I spotted the newest work of the mysterious artist. I found this piece on a wall at Houston Street that belongs to the Rag & Bone fashion shop. In the recent years there have been a lot of different art works commissioned by the shop.

As you can see Banksy delivered a rat holding a board with the message:
"Mediocrity killed the rat - NYC"

One bystander told me this could be Banksy´s critique on the shop policy to have every "second week or so" some new street art on their wall. Maybe so. It also could be that Banksy liked to criticize New York´s street art in general. Many restaurants, bars and shops order street artists to put their work on their walls and doors. The quality of those pieces varies a lot of course. The question is whether Banksy´s own work escapes this alleged mediocrity. You may find your own judgement (here is a link to the artist´s website banksyny)

Anyway. I indulge in New York`s street art and enjoyed Banksy´s pieces I have seen so far. My favorite is an installation which has been at Ludlow Street close to the Rag & Bone piece.


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