Saturday, May 10, 2014

Culture: Mogwai @ Terminal 5, New York City 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - Sometimes you can buy bliss, the existence of pure happiness. The admission to a Mogwai gig @ Terminal 5 in Midtown Manhattan yesterday was one of these rare cases (facebook).

The concert - which lasted around 2 hours - was one of the most intense rock experiences I`ve had since I watched a Pink Floyd concert (with founding member Syd Barrett)  in London`s Ufo Club decades ago (the other was a performance by Cut of Luna last year driveby ).

Wikipedia labels their music as post-modern, whatever that means (wikipedia). The five musicians (3 guitars, keyboards & percussion) delivered mainly instrumentals, illustrated by some sporadic vocals. The audience got long pieces with some very melodic and atmospheric parts speckled with violent & furious elements with blurred guitars, viscous resonances, feed backs and other effects.

Watching the concert was like walking in a magical garden inhibited by fairies and unicorns - and then suddenly there was an explosion turning the music into massive waves of heat. Then you could physically experience the concert. Amplified by staccatos of bright light (stroboscope flashes) the music felt like matter hitting anti-matter turning into pure energy. 

Wow. Thanks a lot Mogwai. We want to see you again!

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