Friday, May 16, 2014

New York City: Street Art - Heroines Of Lower East Side 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - New Yorkers, if you walk East Houston Street you can see a lot of street art. Close to First Avenue, between East Houston and First Street East, there is a trailer which has been a mecca for street art lovers for years.

As I have reported before this object has been used by New York`s Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, a collective of street artists who show there their own works and murals by invited participants (driveby). It seems that they are a catalyst for new developments in street art.

Now you can see there works by Lexi Bella. The artist sprayed a collection of portraits which she calls "Heroines of Lower East Side". According to heir Facebook site the series is "created to depict women from the 1700s to today who represent some of the amazing history, nationalities, and movements that have made the Lower East Side of Manhattan such a rich tapestry of culture" (facebook).

I guess you will recognize Debbie Harry, the head of "Blondie", you also might know Rosario Dawson from movies like "Sin City" (imdb). Explanations for the others you can find on this site (facebook).

But: Where is Lady Gaga - the most famous of the Lower East Side Girls?

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