Thursday, July 17, 2014

Contemporary Art: "Summer Collective I", Impressions From An Exhibition @ Bertrand Delacroix Gallery (BDG), New York City

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York City is not only the world capital of finance, the metropolis also is a mega-center of the global art scene. Besides a row of amazing museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MoMA, Guggenheim, Whitney and others, there are many gorgeous galleries.

Last week my wife and I visited the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery (BDG  bdgny ). This is a spacious contemporary art gallery in Manhattan`s art rich district Chelsea (535 West 25th Street, New York). According to their website they represent "emerging and established artists whose works defy traditional categorization".

We enjoyed their current exhibition, called "Summer Collective I", which runs through August 16, 2014. They are showing paintings from 4 artists plus works from 2 sculptors. I used the occasion and made a collection of pics. Unfortunately my point-and-shoot camera did not capture the paintings very accurately. Therefore the pics here are just proxies and I add links to correspondent web pages which should deliver better images.

The works of Elizabeth Allison caught my eyes (you can see more here bdgny and here elizabethallisonart). I enjoyed the atmosphere of the paintings created by a special technique. The French artist works with watercolor. This media is very common but she employes it in an original way. As Allison explains on the gallery`s website, "dense layers of built up pigment and a labyrinth of drips create each painting. By turning a big sheet of paper this way and that, I manipulate the drip. I lay the painting on the floor to apply broad washes and let the paint puddle up, creating unexpected watermarks. I splash and splatter- the nature of the medium is imperative to the outcome of the painting". A video on the gallery´s website shows how she uses a hair dryer to move the drops of watercolor to create her paintings. The results are mystical fairy tale landscapes where witches might live.

 I also was fascinated by the Jorge Enrique´s powerful compositions (bdgny ). The Cuban artist uses thick layers of paint and resin to create a high intensity. My favorite painting ("Crossroads No. 1") you can see on top of this post.

                                                                           Zest For Life


The works by Ayline Olukman look at first view like photographs, but a closer look shows they are collages (aylineolukman ). The French artist uses own photographs and pictures she discovered on her travels and adds strokes of oil paint to them. I enjoyed the zest for life and the optimism radiated by these pictures.

                                                                   Magical Realism

Federico Infante (born in Chile) completes the quartet with delicate and charming studies inspired by the culture of his home country (bdgny).

Integrated in the gallery`s walls are some sculptures by Matteo Pugliese. The works of the Italian artist radiate some magical realism (bdgny).

These are just examples selected by my personal taste. You will get the best - and authentic - impression of these beauties when you visit the gallery, which is highly recommended. Enjoy.

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