Sunday, July 13, 2014

Culture: 4 Knots Music Festival 2014, New York City

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York City is a very expensive place. But many things are for free, for instance a lot of open air rock concerts. Yesterday my wife and I attended the "4Knots Music Festival" (villagevoice). This is a free of charge event at Manhattan´s touristy South Street Seaport. The annual concert, which is hosted by the Village Voice, a print and online magazine about New York´s culture & nightlife, replaced the "Siren Festival" which had taken place some years ago on Coney Island inside a leisure park on one of New York´s beaches.

As in the years before there we 2 stages where 10 bands played, including "Those Darlins", "Radkey" and "Dinosaur Jr." The program was very family friendly and attracted many New Yorkers and tourists. The whole area around the popular South Street Seaport was way more crowded than usual.

Many visitors enjoyed just the relaxed ambient and used the occasion to meet friends and other people, took pleasure of the sunny harbor place at the Southern edge of Manhattan and had fun. Here some impressions from our visit. Enjoy!

Btw: Thanks a lot to organizers and security people who guaranteed that it "4Knots" was a peaceful and fun event again!

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