Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Movies: Lucy

(Drivebycuriosity) - Europe might have a weak economy, but the "old world" is again a power in global cinema. The action movie "Lucy", which topped the US box office revenues last weekend, is directed, written and edited by the French movie mogul Luc Besson, and produced by him and the French production company Europacorp (imdb). 

"Lucy" tells the story of a woman who gets infected by a super drug which increases her brain function capacity ten-times. Soon she transforms into a kind of goddess which telekinetic power, ability to travel over time and space and much more. She uses all her new skills to fight the Asian drug lord and his gang who had caused this transformation.

I had a lot of fun to watch this action spectacle, even that it doesn`t make sense at all. Besson, who has shown before that he is into fantastic action packed movies - as you can see in  "Nikita", "The Fifth Element", Léon: The Professional" and many more films - , delivered his magnum opus so far with this extravaganza. "Lucy" bubbles with a lot of surprising and hilarious ideas.

Scarlett Johansson as the godlike Lucy was priceless, even that in this role she was not quite as alluring as the sexual predatory alien she had played in "Under the Skin" (driveby). Morgan Freeman, as a scientist who tries to explain "Lucy`s" transformation into a superhuman, did a solid job. It also was fun to watch Korean actor Choi Min-sik, known for his role in "Old Boy", as drug lord.

But the most pleasure came from the editing. It was pure bliss when the scenes on the screen jumped to some documentary snippets about nature and the world around us - maybe from the library of National Geographic. These cuts worked amusingly as allegories and underlined the plot in a perfect way.

Besson, Johansson et. al. delivered felicitous 89 minutes of contemporary cinema entertainment.

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