Friday, July 4, 2014

Movies: Premature

(Drivebycuriosity) - It is tough to by an adolescent. Insecurity, bewilderment of the puberty and the pranks of other adolescents are all real challenges. The movie "Premature" is a light-hearted study about all of that (imdb). Director Dan Beers, who also is the co-author of the script, shows some days in the life of a high school senior, which seem to repeat constantly in a "Groundhog Day" manner, but may the repeating events are just the wet dreams of an pubescent male.

Some of the episodes are hilarious, some also are gross, of course, but regarding to the topic relatively mildly staged. The solid ensemble delivered competent performances, especially Alan Tudyk in the leading role. I would like to see more from Katie Findlay, who was a bit underemployed. But I had a problem that these actors where already in the low twenties and don´t really go for high school kids. And do those boys and girls really communicate such philosophically with a mood of Zen? Anyway "Premature" is an easy entertainment for a hot summer afternoon.

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