Sunday, August 31, 2014

Contemporary Art: Storm King Art Center, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like sculptures? Then you might enjoy the "Storm King Art Center" (stormking). This is a large park (around 500 acres; 200 ha; 0.78 sq mi) in the state of New York, around 1 hour north of Manhattan (wikipedia).

You can see there - mostly huge - sculptures which are fitted into a beautiful landscape. The artworks sit on the hayfields and meadows and harmonize with the green topography.

I indulged in the harmony of the artificial - sometimes monumental - pieces with the nature and the interplay of shapes & clolors.

My favorites are the works by the Chinese artist Zhang Huan. There is now an exhibition, called "Evoking Tradition" (through November 9 2014). His enormous "Three Legged Buddha" (2007, Steel and copper), which shows the head of the artist, is part of the museum`s permanent collection. Huan`s sculpture "Peace No. 2" (Cast bronze, gold leaf, and steel) shows a traditional Buddhist temple bell. Instead of the clapper the artist hanged a replica of his own body covered with gold leaf. Yes, great artists love themselve very much.

If you go there you shouldn`t miss the trolley ride, which is covered by the admission. The vehicle drives you close to the park´s highlights and a recorded commentar gives short explanations to the art works.

There is also a small indoor museum with more sculptures and some drawings. Above you can see some sculptures by Zhang Huan. The artist used ashes found in buddhist monastries in China.

Let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!

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