Sunday, August 31, 2014

Movies: Life Of Crime

(Drivebycuriosity) - Kidnapping is a serious crime. But Hollywood made a lot of more or less funny movies about this topic, like "Fargo" or "Raising Arizona". The film "Life of Crime", which now is running in US cinema theaters, follows this tradition (imdb).

A group a thugs abduct the wife of a seemingly wealthy man, which leads to a chain of surprising and hilarious events (this blog is spoiler free). The movie is less dark and messy as the typical crime flick these days and doesn`t have the usual gory scenes and shock tactics. "Life of Crime" shows more a laid back attitude and has even some romantic moments.

I enjoyed watching the fine cast. Mark Boone Junior got a lot of laughs as a creepy but clumsy weapon obsessed Nazi, an evil version of "The Dude" (Big Lebowski).  Jennifer Aniston delivered her role as the abducted wife with charm, Tim Robbins as her "couldn´t care-less" husband was a perfect counter part and Mos Deaf showed the appropriate sleaziness. I had just problems that John Hawks, as part of the abductors, was a bit too nice to be believable.

The nimble editing helped to make the film enjoyable like a straight-up Margarita on a late Sunday afternoon.

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