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Contemporary Art: Galleries Fest On Lower East Side, New York 2014

(Drivebycuriosity) - New York´s Lower East Side (LES) is changing fast. The neighborhood has been once the slum of New York City,  in the 1960s,70s, and 80s people came to buy drugs there. Meanwhile the LES advanced to the party area of Manhattan, at least some parts of it. But the district also got class and glamour. In the recent years a legion of galleries, mostly catering contemporary art, popped up, making LES to an alternative to the glamorous Chelsea area. Today the LES stands for the more affordable, rough and experimental part of contemporary art.

Last weekend the Lower East Side galleries celebrated themselves and their artists. Dozens of galleries gave opening receptions for their new exhibitions. Unfortunately the time spans were short, usally from 6pm to 8pm, so I got just some pieces from the huge pie. But anyway, here you can see some impressions from the latest gallery fest on Lower East Side.

Above this paragraph you can see works I photographed @ JTT Gallery on 170a Suffolk Street (jttnyc). Their current exhibition - called: "Move the world back from the abyss of destructions" - runs through October 26, 2014.

Above you can see "Window 5"  by Tom Costa  (2014, oil on canvas) found @ Lesley Heller Workspace on 54 Orchard Street (lesleyheller). This is part of the exhibition "Destructure" (through October 12). I can not identify the black one, but I saw it also @ Lesley Heller and the technique looks similar to Costa`s "Window 5".

Above is a collection of pics I got at diverse galleries:

1. Madame X, no. 4 (2014 - crayon on paper) by Sanda Iliescu found @ Gallery Molly Krom. The exhibtion called "In The Garden Of (Plastic) Paradise" runs through october 5, 2014 (gallerykrom).

2. This is I believe from the exhibition "Dennis Holligworth: You Will Know" @ Hionas Gallery on 124 Forsyth Street (through october 5, 2014  hionas ).   

3: Another picture from Lesley Heller Workspace: Gardenscape (2010
Collected recycled plastic, wood panel, acrylic and hardware), created by Tyrome Tripoli.

4. This one belongs to the exhibition "Strauss Bourque-LaFrance: No Aloha"
 @ Rachel Uchner on 170 Suffolk Street (between Houston and Stanton) (through October 19 racheluffner).

This group was a bit hard to identify. Many of these galleries don`t spend much money for their websites and to put their art shows fully online.

1. I believe that I discovered this image @ DCKT Contemporary on 21 Orchard Street (dckt)

2. This one belongs to another exhibition @ Rachel Uchner. This show is called  "Flat Neighbors" (racheluffner). There are really funny and weird things to see - cutting edge!

The others I collected somewhere on Orchard Road where you can find a thick cluster of art shows.

The space paintings above are from the Italian artist Giorgio Tardonato, found  @ Gallery Artifact on 84 Orchard Street btw Broome & Grand (through September 28 artifact).

                                                                      Anything Goes

Angela Dufresne`s paintings @ Monya Rowe Gallery on 34 Orchard St (monyarowe) have some kinky messages. Anything goes. The exhibition is called "Let`s stay together" and runs through November 2, 2014.

The events attracted the usual chic crowds. Many hosts served drinks as usual which lifted the sentiment. So the receptions became cool parties.

If you go there you will find much more and you can see the artworks in original. Enjoy

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