Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Contemporary Art: Sexy Miniatures @ Space Womb Gallery, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary art has many faces. Some of the works are abstract, others are figurative and photo-realistic, some paintings are huge, others are tiny. The gallery Space Womb on New York`s trendy Lower East Side has an interesting new exhibition called "postcards" (through January 22 2015 spacewomb).

They show a selection of postcard-sized works with various styles from original paintings, sculptures to prints. Remarkable are the very low prices of the artworks. Above you can see works by Ryosuke, which cost just $5 each! My favorite is a filigrane figure which blends the charm of a geisha with the magic of a fairy, a Japanese tinkerbelle?

On the top of this post you can see works by Lee Ann Cadiz ($5 each), which seem to tell a mystical story.

If you like cats you might enjoy these pussies by Suyeon Sim, $8 each.

                                                           Powerful Females

Erin Starr blends femality with power, $100 each

Kiyoung Kim seems to be inspired by Picasso, $80 each.

Yeonsu Yang`s images remind me of traveling through the empty spaces of Texas, $100 each

Silvia S. Boyer`s ladies are offered for $250 each.

 Erika Bunce`s postcards remind me of dark scenes in some David Lynch movies, $8 each.

Wataru Saitu seems to be inspired by Asian calligraphy, $100 each.


PS This blogpost intends just to inform, entertain and amuse. There are no offers. This blog assumes no liability for prices and names.

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