Thursday, January 29, 2015

Culture: Outsider Art Fair - Skimming The Boom

(Drivebycuriosity) - I am a bohemian. I really enjoy the possibility to see lots of gorgeous art for free, at least here in New York City. I can visit hundreds of art galleries who display top-notch art works without charging a buck (you can see here my report about last year`s top shows driveby). I also  indulge into the amazing pre-auction shows at Sotheby´s and other auction houses for free (sothebys.) And fascinating collections like Metropolitan Museum of Art open their doors after a donation of just one buck.

But there are some institutions who are charging for their services. Today the Outsider Art Fair opened its doors in New York City (outsider). They show works by "self-taught artists". But - contrary to galleries, museums and auctions houses - they charge an admission of $20. If I would go there with my wife we would have to pay $40. Not so good for bohemians.

What would we get for this? Their Facebook side, which advertises the fair, shows just rather mediocre works (outsiderartfair). The enthusiastic media reports (do these journalist pay admission?) also display mostly disappointing images (forbes). Why should I pay money for little quality when I can see top notch art at other places for free?

I understand that they have costs which have to be covered. But so do Whole Foods and K-Mart. Outsider Art Fair is a place to sell things, why should potential buyers pay for admission there when they don´t have to do that at Whole Foods - who displays gorgeous kinds of foods?

I think that these people just are skimming the current boom for art. This is legitimate. But they won`t get my money.

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