Monday, January 5, 2015

Street Art New York: What`s Going On In Lower Manhattan - January 2015 Edition

(Drivebycuriosity) - It seems that street art doesn`t know seasons. Even in the quite days before the turn of the year new graffiti, murals and other images appeared in downtown Manhattan. Since my latest street art report from December 2014 (street-art) I detected a lot new works on the streets of Lower East Side, East Village and Soho.

On the top of this post you can see new mural by Jerkface, a local artists who does a lot of work in the neighborhood (jerkface). The next piece I found on Crosby Street between Houston & Bleeker.

Above some more murals on different places I don´t exactly remember. But they are great anyway.

                                                                    Wasted Art?

Above this paragraph a pic from a mural on the wall of "rag & bone", a fashion boutique on corner of East Houston &  Eilzabeth Street. There are frequently changing art works, often with at high quality. The "NeonKingKong" is at home at the wall of Epsteins, a gathering place for juvenile bridge-and-tunnel folks. Do they notice the art that is wasted on them?.

Here one of the ubiquituos door murals in Lower East Side. Is it Egyptian, Asian or Alian? No idea, but it is fascinating anyway.

Above are works that belong to the new cycle by New York`s Centre-Fuge Public Art Project, a collective of street artists who are frequently showing there their own works and murals by invited participants (driveby). You can find the murals on some containers on 1rst Street north of East Houston.

                                                        Connoisseurs Of Weirdness

Here are some more works which show the ingenuity of New York`s street artist.

There were also new graffiti of course, weird as usual.

In the recent days appeared also new stencils to please the connoisseurs of weirdness.

To be continued.

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