Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Contemporary Art: Future Seasons Past @ Lehmann Maupin, Lower East Side New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Contemporary Art spreads over a spectrum of issues. There are myriads of ideas to admire. A new exhibition @ gallery Lehmann Maupin gives an impression of that. The show, called "Future Seasons Past", is exhibited on 2 places: 536 West 22nd Street in New York`s classy district Chelsea and at 201 Chrystie Street in the rapidly gentrifying Lower East Side, which is getting more and more a strong contender to Chelsea (lehmannmaupin).

The other day I visited the Lower East Side incarnation of the exhibition which spreads over 2 rooms and a balcony. I really enjoyed the diversity of the displayed artworks.

I indulged especially in the gorgeous cityscapes - made of wood - you can see above. The sculptures show that art often comes with craftsmanship. The 3 artworks are called "Library II-II", created by LIU WEI (2013, books, wood, iron, and hardware).

                                                      The Soap Box In His Mind

 I cannot identify the first painting above this paragraph, but it reminds of a mural I saw once on East Houston Street, New York. The next image is called "The soap box in his mind" by HERNAN BAS (2009, acrylic on linen over panel).

Here more unidentifiable paintings which I enjoy anyway. 

This work - which I also show as a detail - impressed me by its structure.

This work has the name "Where Do We Go From Here" by TIM ROLLINS and K.O.S. (2008, matte acrylic and book pages on canvas).

                                                    Guarding The Artworks?

Above "Polvo Color Wheel VII" by ADRIANA VAREJÃO (2015, oil on canvas and paint set) and a detail).

This cluster of tiny mirrors has something.

Above you can see LEE BUL`s  work "Untitled" (2014, crystal, glass and acrylic beads, mirrors, stainless-steel, aluminum and black nickel rods, steel and bronze chains, stainless-steel, and aluminum armature, 78.74 x 74.8 x 59.06 inches / 200 x 190 x 150 cm)

This sculpture - which I spotted on the balcony - seems to guard the artworks below.

I plan to see the sister exhibition in Chelsea soon.

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