Thursday, April 30, 2015

Movies: The Clouds Of Sils Maria

(Drivebycuriosity) - Watching movies & stage plays is fun. But sometimes it is even more fun to look behind the curtain and spot the actors at work. The movie "The Clouds Of Sils Maria" by Olivier Assayas (writer & director) gives such an opportunity (imdb).

Maria Enders, an international movie star around 50, accepts again a role in a prestigious stage play, where she had kickstarted her career in her youth. Then she played the seductive assistant and lover of a ripe woman, who drove the other one to suicide, now she is cast in the role of the elder. The switch causes her a lot of doubts & and inner turmoils of course. The frequent & intense rehearsals together with her young & attractive female assistant seem to be a screen for her inner conflcits and a mirror for the play (this is a spoiler-free blog. If you want a synopsys you can find it here wikipedia).

The German-French-Swiss co-production continues very slow and focuses on the dialogues between 2 smart women. Psychological & philosophical conversations and musings about aging, relationships (between women), life strategies, theater business and much more replace action. The movie is partly  set in the awsome mountain region of the Swiss Alps. The name giving "clouds of Sils Maria" is a special weather phenomena which is awesomely photographed.

Juliette Binoche, as Maria, is the center of the movie. She is still one of the most beautiful and elegant actresses of today´s cinema. Again she displayed her thoughtful fragility covered with charm and I couldn´t get enough watching her. The gorgeous Kristen Stewart convinced as the perfect assistant, combining a kind of early wisdom with allure. Chloë Grace Moretz in the role of Maria´s casted stage partner brings some freshness into the sene.

"The Clouds Of Sils Maria" is a little cinema gem and not just for adorers of Binoche, Stewart and Moretz.

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