Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Street Art New York: April 2015 Edition - The Return Of The Bowery Mural Wall

(Drivebycuriosity) - It`s springtime in New York City. The trees and other plants are blossoming. And New York`s street art also seems to be in spring mood. Since my latest street art report from March 2015 (driveby) I spotted a lot new works @ Lower East Side, East Village and Soho. My favorite of the month is the stencil above which I found on a house wall on Eldridge Street I believe.

The stencil above this paragraph which I spotted in the neighborhood of the image on the top seems to be by the same artist. I believe both images are reproductions of some Renaissance paintings. Awsome!

The street artist Bradley Theodore, who is known for his colorful skeletons was also activ. It looks like that he had changed his style a bit. Well done.

I spotte the huge mural above on a house wall in Little Italy, it seems to be still in creation.

Above a collection of anonymous stencil works. 

Here more stencils.

                                                 Beautifying Houston Street

New York`s Centre-Fuge Public Art Project continued their project to beautify the construction infrastructure along the perma-construction side @ East Houston Street.

And the famous Bowery Mural Wall @ the intersection with East Houston Street, which had been hidden behind a construction site, had returned. The incarnation is not my favorite, but somewhat entertaining.

Above some of her funny segments.

To be continued.

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