Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Contemporary Art: Songs For The Witch Woman @ Jeffrey Deitch, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Visiting art galleries is sometimes bliss. I had this experience as I walked into the gallery Jeffrey Deitch in New York´s classy Soho district (76 Grand Street ). The art dealer shows works by Cameron (through October 17 2015 deitch.). The exhibition is called "Cinderella Of The Wastelands".

From the press release: "Cameron (born Marjorie Cameron in Iowa 1922, died in Lost Angeles in 1995) was one of the most fascinating figures in California`s mid-century counterculture. Her paintings, drawings, writings and performances linked the heritages of surelism with beat culture and the occult".

I indulged into the exhibited paintings which reminded me of the surrealist masters like Max Ernst who`s work I have admired in Berlin (surreal). I show here my favorites from the exhibition, a subjective selection as usual.

On top of this post you can see Cameron´s "Peyote Vision" (1955, Ink, Paint on paper). The painting is one of the most powerful visualizations of lust I have ever seen.

Above  "Untitled" (Portrait of Crysatl), (1959, Ink and gold paint on fiberboard)

The painting above - "Winged Angel", 1958, (White Ink on paper)" - looks like the visualization of Bach`s "Air on a G string".

"West Angel, N.D.", (Graphite, ink, and gold paint on paper)

"Sun Horse", 1953, (oil on fiberboard) reminds me of Paul Klee (klee).

"Doctor Dee", (1946, Oil on canvas) as well

                                                       Songs For The Witch Woman

Above a part of the  "Witches Diptych, N.D."  (oil on canvas)

The paintings above belong to the series "Songs for the Witch Woman, N.d." ,(Ink on paper)

"Spinx, N.D.", ink on paper


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