Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ Governors Island Art Fair 2015

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you enjoy cutting edge art? If you are near New York you might visit Governors Island Art Fair 2015 (4heads). The event happens on a tiny island south of Manhattan (5 minutes ferry ride) on every weekend in September.

The hosts allotted 100 rooms to 100 artists. Each artist could design a room for herself (exhibitors). The result is a huge variety of styles and ideas. Last Sunday my wife & I visited the fair. We where overwhelmed by the choices and didn´t manage to see the whole show. Here you can see my favorites from this visit - as usual a very subjective selection.

Above you can see abstracts by Jenny Reddin (ennyreddin) which remind me a bit of Georgia O'Keeffe.

I enjoyed also this abstract  by Studio Gaak (studiogaak.).

The paintings above are created by the collaboration of Morgan Craig with James Johnson (jamesj). I like the colorful expressionistic style.

I was  impressed by the photorealistic works (with some imaginations)  by Tim Daly (timdaly). Above you can see Police Activity in Venice ($12,000) and another painting.

The collages above are by Bernice Sokol Kramer (kramer).

The Russian artist Tatyana Ostapenko (tatyana) created these works above as reminder of the defunct Soviet Union.

Above yo can see "Happiness in Slavery" (2015, archival uv pigment on brushed aluminium) by Shawn Saumell (shawns).

Shawn Saumell`s "White Rose" (2015, archival uv pigment on brushed aluminium)

Sascha Mallon (facebook) painted these scenes onto a wall.

 Ayumi Nakao (ayuminakao) created this portrait

The watercolors above are the works of Rebbeca Sutton (rebecca)

 Tine Kindermann (tinekindermann) created these paintings during a stay on Governors Island, using old porn photographies as models. It seems she painted on brown paper, which gives the pictures a nostalgic flair.

                                                          A Look Into The Kitchen Drawers

Kinderman`s room has a kitchen cabinet where the visitors are allowed to open the drawers. Look what kind of cookies they will find there.

Lauren Ciarpella (laurenciarpella) created a different kind of kitchen interior.

 Charlie Cunningham (charliecunning) called his sculpture "A Passive Violation III" (Foam, silicne, acryic, and hair, $9,000)

We plan to come back on one of the following weekends.


  1. Hi Gerhard,
    I work with the fair and wanted to say thanks for the write up! We love that so many locals are enjoying the show and writing about it online for others to see! A quick note- as for the "unknown artist" from the wall mural, her name is Sascha Mallon and her site is https://www.facebook.com/sascha.mallon . If you could please update that information that would be great, as we are sharing your post across our social media. Thanks so much and please come introduce yourself to us at 404A if you come back this weekend!

  2. Thanks for your response. I had already my second and final visit for this year. But I plan to come back next year. Keep on with the good work