Thursday, September 3, 2015

Culture: Cult Of Luna @ Gramcery Theatre, New York

(Drivebycuriosity) - Some people believe that the moon and the lunar cycle impact the behavior of humans and animals. Ancient mythologies and religions worshiped gods and goddesses associated with the moon - a cult of Luna.

The name of a popular Swedish heavy metal band refers to this cult (wikipedia  cultofluna ).  On Tuesday I had the luck to attend a concert of "Cult of Luna" at Gramcery Theatre in New York City, their first U.S. tour since 2013.

 Majestic, Violent & Beautiful

The show was like a Wagner opera in a futuristic opera house: Majestic, violent & beautiful. Music, lightshow and the choreographed movements of the band worked perfectly together and created an outstanding experience.

The band (Johannes Persson - Guitars and Vocals, Magnus Lindberg - Drums , Andreas Johansson - Bass, Fredrik Kihlberg - Guitars and Vocals, Thomas Hedlund - Drums and Percussion) delivered very massive and thick but also filigree bodies of sound. Their catchy song lines were clearly structured (you can find samples on YouTube like this youtube). Balladic pieces got amplified into fierce explosions which burned sometimes like nuclear fire. The powerful voice of Johannes Persson, the band`s vocalist, intensified the impact of the concert significantly.

The concert experience benefitted a lot from a perfectly coordinated light show which translated the music into a heavy metal opera. The stage was kept in a thick artificial fog and illuminated in changing colors according to the songs which created an intense psychedelic effect. The musicians looked like demons celebrating the uprise of their empire. And how they ruled in these great 1 1/2 hours!

Thank you so much "Cult of Luna". You were awesome!

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