Sunday, September 6, 2015

Movies: Learning To Drive

(Drivebycuriosity) - There are a lot of complaints that Hollywood neglects the grownups and focuses on silly super hero and other action movies. But there are exceptions. "Learning to Drive" is one of them (imdb). The movie tells an episode in the lives of Tasha and Darwan. Tasha has to deal with a fledging divorce and is restarting her own life. Darwan is an immigrant from India, a Sikh who earns his living as taxi driver & driving instructor. Tasha´s new life needs more mobility and she takes driving lessons, which leads to her with Darwan.

The movie is a  melancholic comedy, a philosophical & psychological study about  life in New York City,  The film touches topics like midlife crisis, divorces, Asian wisdom, learning from different cultures and much more. I could learn something, but also got entertained.

Patricia Clarkson impersonated convincingly the middle-aged woman, who has to find a new begin. I also liked watching Ben Kingsley, who was born as Krishna Bhanji, as a precise and very composed teacher of the art of living.

"Learning to Drive" is a nice break from the usual bluster of the summer blockbusters.

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