Sunday, March 13, 2016

Photography: Brooklyn - Shot On iPhone 6s Plus

(Drivebycuriosity) - Being a resident of Manhattan I sometimes make excursions into the neighborhood. Once in a while I walk over the Williamburg Bridge to visit Brooklyn. Here you can see some pics I took with my iPhone 6s Plus that I got last Christmas.

As you can see above the neighborhoods Williamsburg & Greenpoint are quite popular, a real competition to Manhattan`s Lower East Side and East Village. You will get there when you walk from the Williamsburg Bridge north.

More impressions from Greenpoint.

What would a cool neighborhood be without street art?

                                                 Transforming The Architecture

A lot of capital is flowing into "cool" Brooklyn which also is changing the architecture.

But when you walk from the Williamsburg Bridge south you can still see some rotten and neglected parts. Above this paragraph some pics from the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

The night - and the artificial lights - give the city a charm of its own, as everywhere. 

As final I chose 2 photographies I took last fall with a Samsung ST150F. I shot the pics from a balcony in Greenpoint. They also explain why Williamsburg & Greenpoint are so popular - it`s the vicinity to Manhattan.


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