Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Contemporary Art: A Visit @ MoCA, Los Angeles

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you like contemporary art? If you are in Los Angeles you might visit the Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) in downtonw LA ( . The institution - which is on 2 seperate locaytions - has a nice collection. I show here my favorites from this visit.

The couple above is looking at Mathew Barnew`s "Cremaster 4" works (C-print in self-lubricating plastic frame). The prints belongs to his "The Cremaster Cycle",  a series of five feature-length films, together with related sculptures, photographs, drawings, and artist's books (wikipedia).

Above you can see an abstract by Robert Motherwell, which is part his "lyric suite" series.

Above "Northview" by Lisa Yuskavage (2000, oil on linen).

                                                                   Roads To Infinity?

The painting above looks like roads to infinity. It`s created by Mark Grotjahn and called "Untitled (three-tiered perspective)" (1997, oil on linen on board).

One room belongs to Mark Rothko alone. Above "No. 301. Reds and Violet over Red/Red and Blue over Red" (1959, oil on canvas) & "Purple Brown" (1957, oil on canvas) and a detail.  Gorgeous!

I really like the elegant doodles by Cy Twombly: "Untitled" (1967, oil and crayon on canvas).

Franz Kline`s "Buttress" (1956, oil on canvas) looks stylish as well.

Jackson Pollok`s "Number 1, 1949" (1949, enamel and metallic paint on canvas) is a classic.

                                                            Stuffed Bird Wing

Robert Rauschenberg: "Painting with Grey Wing" (1959, Oil, printed reproductions, paint-by-number-board, typed print on paper, photographs, fabric, stuffed bird wing, and dime on canvas).

James Rosenquist: "White Cigarette" (1961, oil on canvas).

Manny Faber: "Honeymoon Killers" (1980, oil on board) and details of it.

The museum has a dependance in former police car warehouse in L.A.'s Little Tokyo Historic District, called The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA (geffen-contemporary). It looks like that they show there more experimental works. Currently the display:  "Don’t Look Back: The 1990s at MOCA" (through July 11, 2016). Below you can see Russell Crotty´s "Hale-Bopp After Perihelion" (1997, India ink on paper pinned to canvas) & Toba Khedoori`s "Untitled (Seats)" (1996, oil and wax on paper) & Sue Williams`"The Art World Can Suck My Proverbial Dick" (1992, Acrylic and enamel on canvas).

Let the images speak for themselves.


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