Monday, May 2, 2016

Contemporary Art: Innovative Abstracts @ Simuvac Projects, Brooklyn, NYC

(Drivebycuriosity) - Do you enjoy innovative abstracts? Then you might enjoy a show @ Simuvac Projects, an art gallery in Brooklyn`s gentrifying Green Point district (99 Norman Avenue Brooklyn, NY  ). Last Saturday I visited a reception there for two aspiring artists (current).

Chicago based artist Vanessa Navarrete focuses on collages. Her paintings in this show are all "Oil and paper collage on panel". According to the press release "Navarrete assembles her collages quickly before playing off of the images with paint" (simuvac). 

Anyway, I enjoyed the combination of dynamics and elegance. Unfortunately the camera, I used an iPhone 6s plus, creates just 2 dimensional images and does not fully capture the powerful impressions. You have to go there to get the full picture!

On top of this paragraph you can see "Lark" (2013, 9" X 12")  followed by "Hounted House" (2013, 12" X 9"),"Sails" (2013, 12" X 9") & "Exile" (2013, 14" X 11").

The press release explains "For Lark, she uses collage to build a setting of vertiginous staircases.  The uneven horizontal lines of each step emerge from the darkened background, slowly reaching across the canvas until interrupted by a thick and jarringly bright layer of paint that curls off of its support.  With Sails, Navarrete pastes recognizable items such as clothes and linens, allowing some to dissolve into organic shapes that hover in the background while violently masking others with vigorous slashes of paint, and with Exile, she deconstructs classical and natural forms, stripping them of their meaning, orientation, and function with a simpler arrangement of cut images and strokes of oil that marry its parts into the image, no longer fragmented but made whole". 

                                          The Attraction Of Magnets

Brooklyn based artist Ryan DaWalt has a different approach. He uses the force of magnets. The press review explains "DaWalt’s methodical painting process involves attaching hand painted stainless steel granules to linen with use of two different types of magnets.  One magnet allows for parallel lines, which DaWalt refers to as corduroy, and the other allows for a swirling effect, which he refers to as frosty.  While making his cut-ups, DaWalt forgoes the use of readymade images and instead turns to fragments of his own paintings that he cuts into organic, geometric, and linear shapes".

Above you can see his work "Brushstroke #3" (2015, 18" X 24") and a detail of it.

Above "Brushstroke #2" (2015, 18" X 24") followed by "Brushstroke #1" (2015, 21" X 21") & "Sonic Color" (2015, 21" X 21").

I think the combination of 2 different approaches is a good idea and I am looking forward to further shows @ Simuvac.


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