Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Traveling: Impressions From Los Angeles - A Photo Tribute

(Drivebycuriosity) - Finally, I got to see Los Angeles. The southern Californian metropolis was in my dreams for many years. Some days ago my wife and I visited the city and stayed there 6 nights. Yes, the City of Angels came up to my expectations. I used the ocassion and took a lot of pictures. Here I present my favorites from this collection, all taken with a iPhone 6s plus.

                                                           Tropical Flair

I am grown up in Germany, a green and densely populated county.  I was impressed by the spacious landscape and how the subtropical desert climate shaped the face of the metropolis.

The huge distances cause a lot of traffic of course. It seems that LA is build for cars. But there is enough space for pedestrians as well. All streets I saw are framed by generous spaced pedestrian ways. Btw the traffic wasn`t much less heavy as in Bangkok which I visited more than 20 years ago.

Los Angeles has a fascinating variety of architecture. In the downtown area you can a collection of skyscrapers which is typical for an American metropolisis.

You can see there futuristic shapes like the Walt Disney Concert Hall ()wikipedia, designed by Frank Gehry, or the Petersen Automotive Museum on the sheer endless Wilshire Boulevard (petersen).

Some of the buildings are beautiful pieces of art. They benefit a lot from the southern sky and plenty of sun light.

Even the sprawl, the vast network of neighborhoods, has a lot of architecutral charm.

Some of the houses look like European castles.

Some of the hotels demonstrate wealth and taste and look almost European.

You can see a lot of art on the streets. Some created by anonymous streat artists (more in post  marvels-of-los-angeles).

Even the advertising boards harmonize with the desert charm of LA.

And a very long stretch of beaches makes the city almost unbeatable.


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