Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Movies: Jason Bourne

(Drivebycuriosity) - Can you trust your government? Hollywood says: No way! For years the dream factory has been making movies about people who`s life is threatened by their own government.  Take for instance  "Three Days of the Condor " (wikipedia) from 1975. This famous movie tells the story of a CIA employee who has to fight against his murderous colleagues.

The "Bourne" movies follow this tradition. The newest incarnation of this franchise (number five), just named "Jason Bourne",  is now running in the US cinemas. Again the leading character, a former assassin for the CIA,  has to survive the pursuit of his former employers and their hired professional killers. Director Paul Greengrass, who also made "Bourne Supremacy" & "Bourne Ultimatum",  and his co-script writers created again a staccato of furious action scenes. It`s fascinating how they intermingled the fast speed action with local activities like social unrest in the Greek capital Athens.

I enjoyed watching Matt Damon, Tommy Lee Jones  & Vincent Cassel,  but the star of film was Alicia Vikander.  The  Swedish actress, who got an Oscar for "The Danish Girl" and impressed in "Ex Machina", convinced as a strong woman who is capable to join the power play of her colleagues and antagonists. 

"Bourne" is still cutting edge action cinema and fun to watch.

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