Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Contemporary Art: A Gallery Walk In Berlin

(Drivebycuriosity) - Berlin belongs to the global centers of art. There are so many amazing museums (driveby). But the city also has lots of interesting art galleries which are spread all over the metropolis. My wife and I used the occasion of our recent vacation in German´s capital to visit some of them.

Because our time was very limited - we stayed just 4 nights in Berlin - we focused on 2 areas: The art cluster along the rectangle Linienstraße & Augustraße and the galleries on Potsdamer Straße just south of Potsdamer Platz. Anyway, we spotted a lot of fascinating & very different works. Here you can see my favorites, a very subjective selection as usual.

The amorous couple on the top of this post belongs to Galerie Deschler (deschler).

Above this paragraph some pics from Galerie Rasche Ripken (rasche) by Markus Willeke (from above No. 1 & 2) & Jan Ros.

Above you can see "Susanne als Infantin" by Rainer Fetting (1997, Öl auf Leinwand) also @ Galerie Deschler (deschler).

Above a view on the exhibition "Joana Kohen: To the Infected Audience" @ Berlin Art Projects (berlinartprojects). The "emerging Turkish artist" Joana Kohen used her own body as the main site of investigation.

I saw this fierceful abstract  @ LDX Artodrome (artodrome)

Above you can see "Piz Roseg 1" by Holger Bär (2014, Acrylic auf Leinwand) @ Galerie Deschler.

                                                           Sounds Of Crickets

Above a view on the exhibition "Glückliche Zeiten" by Rémy Markowitch @ Galerie Eigen + Art (eigen-art). The poor staff had to listen to the sounds of crickets all the time.

The paintings above - which remind me of Basquiat - belong to the exhibition "Iabadiou Piko: Proporsi Biru - Der Anteil des Blaus" @ Galerie Michael Janssen (michaeljanssen).

                                                          Uncertain Journey

I don`t recall the name of hosting gallery above, but I believe they are on Postdamer Strasse.

The exhibition above is called "Uncertain Journey" by Chiharu Shiota @ Galerie Blain Southern (blainsouthern).


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