Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Culture: A Visit @ Museo De Antioquia, Medellín, Colombia

(Drivebycuriosity) - Medellin, Colombia, may be known by the Netflix series "Narcos". But the Colombian metropolis is also a place of culture with a lot of art to see. On Saturday my wife and I visited the Museo De Antioquia. The name reflects to the district, where Medellin is located


The museum has an interesting art collection. It emphases on works by Fernando Botero, who was born in the city and may live here (wikipedia). There are also a lot of  art works by other famous artist which have been donated by Fernando Botero.

                                                   Juicy Fruit

Above my favorite "Botero". The oranges look like real and I can almost taste the juicy fruit.

I spotted 2 paintings referring to the death of Pablo Escobar, maybe the most famous Colombian.

Above more "Boteros": "The House of Armanda Ramirez"; "Rosita"; "The Colombian Family" & "Car Bomb".

They show works of other Colombian artists too of course. From above: "Colombia Coca Cola" by Antonio Caro; "Weather" by Fredy Alzate; "Still Life No. 7" by Luciano Jaromillio; "Flute Players" by David Manzur; " "The Agony" by Luis Caballero Holguin & "The Pietá" by Gregorio Cuartas.

Above  2 images by the Spanish artist Antoni Tàpies. I already reported about his works here which I have seen in Barcelona.

Above "Walk" by Miquel Barcelo (Spain) & "Broadway Looking Toward Columbus Circle" by Richard Estes, USA (oil on canvas).

You can find there also works by well known international artists, often donated by Botero. From above "Kingsway" by Helen Frankenthaler, USA; "Untitled" by Julian Schnabel, USA; "Bawary Parade" & "Daydream" by Robert Rauschenberg, USA.


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